Comparative Study of the Management of Kivucian Lacustrine Coast, Case of The City of Goma (DRC) And Gisenyi (Rwanda) - International Journal of Academic Research in Business, Arts & Science | IJARBAS

Issue: Issue: 2,, Volume: Volume: 1,, Year: Year: 2019.

Comparative Study of the Management of Kivucian Lacustrine Coast, Case of The City of Goma (DRC) And Gisenyi (Rwanda)

Date of Publication : 11, Aug, 2019

Author: Kambale Kavyavu. W

Co Author: Kambale Simisi. B

To achieve the objectives of this writing, the documentary reading related to the subject, accompanied of an analysis of Figures and resorts to the map library. The field trips accompanied these foreplay as an illustration. Coastal sites are public areas whose management is worthwhile for the well being of the used population. Social development makes lead necessary to consider the development of cultural sites for leisure and other beautiful moments.

Thus, for Lake Kivu, in its Northern part, bays justify the existence of beaches in the suitable areas for games. The establishment and development of beaches for common gains; Gisenyi has the public beach and private ones whose management are due to hotels located at lake borders; in Goma, only the hotels dispose of beaches, situation which deprives the natives of these landscapes.

The installation of harbor agencies uses not only the geological conditions but the orientation of the trade winds and other currents too. Now days, for these two cities, only Goma’s is recognized and helped by artisanal sites.

In building of a city, urbanism must categorize spaces in order to classify and assign them to uses according to their geographical location and their bearing.

The management of garbage and wastewater is a parameter limiting the eutrophization of lake and marine areas.

The edges of Goma are lined with buildings invading the waters opposite Gisenyi. Thus, for these two cities the human activity against the lakesides is seen with more ambler, deteriorating the natural aesthetics of the landscape.



DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3365711

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Keywords : Lake, Berthing, Rock, bay,

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