Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose

International Journal of Academic Research in Business, Arts & Science (IJARBAS), ISSN: 2664-7354 is an academic research based International Journal that works under Academic Research and Publications. It’s publisher Name is “ Pandulipi Prokashon”. IJARBAS aims to identifying, exploring and nurturing intellectual researchers in the fields of Business Management, Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities, Science and inclined to attain a significant place in the world of academic research by its commendable activities. Our holistic endeavor includes the establishment and promotion of academic/professional researchers/students and their valuable contributions by providing them an electronic platform where they can publish their academic researches and scholarly contributions in order to have larger readership. IJARBAS seeks an effectual role to play in the development of research, leadership and knowledge management skills not only among its members but also in its readers so that global society could enable the transfer of knowledge among world’s intellectual human being is called as human capital. We the Authority of IJARBAS invite you to join our purpose and to make it more strengthen so that this noble cause could spread in its all webs.

Our Vision

To explore the intellectual human capital by emphasizing on research article creation, dissemination and protection of knowledge by our valued scholars & researchers, intellectuals, professionals and leveraging their collective wisdom.

Our Mission

To develop the world’s largest directories of academic e-publications in the field of Business Management, Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities, Science and to provide the International platform where the scholars, researchers and intellectuals could collaborate for effectual knowledge management.