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Issue: Issue: 1,, Volume: Volume: 1,, Year: Year: 2019.

The Implications of Unplanned Settlement On Environmental Quality in Gwagwalada Town Abuja, Nigeria

Date of Publication : 07, Aug, 2019

Author: 1 Oguche Christopher J..,

Co Author: 2 Andrew Noah, R.., & 3 Samuel, Gwani.

The study examined the implication of unplanned settlement on environmental quality in Gwagwalada Town, Gwagwalada Area Council, FCT. Abuja. The study identified the unplanned settlement, Characteristics of the areas such as accessibility, waste management, land use structure, housing structures and housing facilities. The study also assessed the impacts of these characteristics on the environment and socio-economic lives of the resident. It covered five settled settlements which form the sampled points. They include; Angwa Gwari, Dagiri, Angwa Dodo, Angwa Tiv and Gwako. In view of the above, necessary procedures were selected to accomplish this. Approach includes the development of data base and choice of appropriate data sources (primary and secondary sources). From the methodology, six hundred and twenty-eight questionnaires were administered which focused on the physical, social and economics characteristics of the environment and households in the study area. The hypothesis put forward is to test whether there is no significant variation in methods of household waste disposal among the five samples mean of the five sampled points of Gwagwalada town. The data obtained was analyzed using the Kruskal Wallis H-Test. The result obtained show that the calculated value is 0.8 and the significant level is 0.05 with degree of freedom of 4, the critical value is 9.488, the calculated value is less than critical value. Therefore, H0 is rejected and H1 accepted. The alternative hypothesis states that there is significant variation in methods of household waste disposal in Gwagwalada town. The study concluded that a large percentage of the dwelling units lacked modern basic facilities, the land use structure in the area is in violation of the original plan and most of the housing units are built with substandard construction materials among others. It is therefore recommended that both short and long term policy issues relating to the physical improvement of the unplanned area such as prevention and selective development should be implemented through a deliberate effort.



DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3362600

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Keywords : Unplanned settlement, accessibility, urbanization, environment, Housing,

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