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Issue: 2, Volume: 5, Year: 2023

A Book Review of Human Landscapes from My Country

Date of Publication : 28, Feb, 2023

Date Of Acceptance : 20 Feb, 2023

Author: Zainab A. JABBAR

Area of research / Subject: A Book Review of Human Landscapes from My Country

Poems of Nazım Hikmet (Romantic Communist) constantly remind his readers of sadness and longing. This book has a great deal of evidence that verifies the same sentiments. To begin with, Nâzm Hikmet, son of Mr Hikmet and Mrs Celile, was born in Thessaloniki on January 15, 1902. His father is the son of Nâzm Pasha, who was the administrator of several provinces. He served in several civil service positions as well as the Ottoman Foreign Ministry’s General Directorate of Press. Mrs Celile, his mother, is the daughter of linguist Enver Pasha. Mrs Celile, one of Turkey’s first female artists, is a cultured woman with an artistic soul. He enrolled in Heybeliada Naval School on September 25, 1915, and graduated eighth out of 26 students in 1918. He was appointed as a deck trainee officer on the school ship Hamidiye after graduating. Due to his difficult circumstances, he was discharged from the service on May 17, 1921. Afterwards, he spent much of his time in Russia, and between 1921 and 1924, he was influenced by Russian futurists and constructivists and began to design a new shape by abandoning the classical form. He returned to Turkey in 1924 and began working for Aydnlk Magazine, but he returned to the Soviet Union a year later when he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for poetry and essays written in the magazine (LEONTİÇ, 2012).

In regard to his work “Human Landscapes from my Country”, the poet Nazım Hikmet stands out as an artist who takes a different path with his sharp and clear lines and aims to convey this in a simple way. He guided his art with the influence of the artistic and nationalist lifestyle of his family and carried his knowledge to a different dimension over time. The way he shaped his writing style is unlike anything else we have seen in earlier publications. He illustrates his innermost thoughts and feelings through an epic tale written in verse. His poetic style is expressive. In each of his poems, he provides his folks and the readers with much crucial information about the Turkish people and republic. Though the epic depicts the difficulties of (everyday heroes) in the early-to-mid-twentieth-century class conflict, they are not ordinary heroes for Hikmet; he writes his words with care, love, and yearning. He wishes to be with them, seeing and touching their sensations vividly.

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Keywords : Human Landscapes, Book review, Book review of Human Landscapes,

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