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Issue: 1, Volume: 2, Year: 2020

Activism and Nigerian Partisan Politics

Date of Publication : 31, Jan, 2020

Date Of Acceptance : 1 Jan, 2019

Author: Ikeoluwapo B. Baruwa

Area of research / Subject: Political Science /Early Childhood and Educational Foundations

One of the factors that necessitates political stability in Nigeria today is the presence and contributions of the critics, through the virtual and available mediums, where they serve turn to be the mouthpiece for the people, checkmating the activities of the government at various levels. Critics as bethought in this paper, involve analysts, media, professional bodies, practitioners, academics and such like. These critics are chiefly seen to be the frontiers of a better society with regard to their activism, participations and contributions. The point of contention here is the human problem that seem to exist in their analysis and justifications as a critic, and as appointees in politics. The sudden alteration in thoughts and ideas as a critic, and as a partisan, has precipitated my interest on this research. That is, why do we have change of thoughts or ideas when we have the critics in politics? To some extent, it can be argued that; it is not usually the same in all situations. This paper seeks to examine the roles and activities played by the critics, in correcting the irregularities and anomalies of the government, and their involvement in politics as appointees at various departments and ministries.


1.1 – 2020 – 4 Activism and Nigerian Partisan Politics

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Keywords : Participation, Activism, Politics, Critics, Governance,

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